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Cardiff & Wales

Adamsdown and Splott

These two areas are adjacent and located to the east of the city centre, south of Newport Road.


Housing can be quite a bit cheaper here and there are plenty of local shops. The northern edge of Adamsdown is particularly convenient for the Trevithick building (Schools of Engineering, Physics and Computer Science) and the city centre. Splott is a large area which more or less mirrors Roath to the south side of Newport Road. Both Adamsdown and Splott are within walking distance of the University campus, although neither is as popular as Cathays or Roath.

Key features

  • Cheaper accommodation available 
  • Less ‘studenty’, some areas may be a bit less pleasant to live 
  • Closer to the Trevithick building, which houses the Schools of Engineering, Physics & Astronomy, and Computer Science

Atmosphere and amenities

Houses are generally tightly-knit terraces with 3 or 4 rooms in each, although there are also some flats. Splott is particularly well-known for its Saturday market and is dotted with treasures for those inclined towards a more wholesome lifestyle, such as Clifton Street Canteen (a vegetarian haven) and Hungry Planet wholefood shop.

A number of students do live in each area, but they could not be described as ‘studenty’. Most houses are privately owned. The main advantage of these areas is cost; the disadvantage is that some parts can be a bit further away, a bit less pleasant to live in. It may be useful to check the walking directions from areas in Splott or Adamsdown to town using Google Maps, as the railways tracks through both areas can make your access route more complicated.

Of course, every area has good and bad parts, and Splott has some beautiful houses which tend to be cheaper than their equivalents elsewhere in Cardiff – for example, along Farmville and Courtenay Roads.

Notable streets

  • Clifton street, which is home to a range of charity and food shops - including a wholefood store and cafe.


There are a few pubs dotted around each area, but proximity to town and Roath (Splott) or The Bay (Adamsdown) means that walking to one of the busier areas is a popular choice.

Walking times

City Centre: 20 mins

Campus life

Did you know?

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