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Commercialising Cardiff Research

Cardiff University has an excellent track record of commercially exploiting the outcomes of its research through working in collaboration.

Our Molpro software is licensed for use at more than 500 sites around the world, for applications including drug design enabling scientists to predict the properties of a potential drug before making it.

The work with Inhibitex in developing potential anti-viral drugs demonstrates the enormous benefits which can result from licensing and partnering with Cardiff University.

Cardiff University has a portfolio of several hundred technologies and almost a hundred patents - many of which are accessible to business.

Our technologies are often "spun-out" from the University into commercial ventures through a partnership with Fusion IP.

For further information on how Cardiff University provides partnership and collaboration opportunities to make companies successful, take a look at two short videos from our Fusion portfolio companies Progentec and MedaPhor.

Stuart Gall, CEO of MedaPhor

Dr Dominic Griffiths, Fusion IP



To find out more or to explore opportunities contact us.