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NHS Wales
Cardiff and the NHS
The NHS is marking 60 years since its first foundation. The health service is very different today in the major health problems it faces.
Jeff Cuthbert, Welsh Assembly Member for Caerphilly
Widening access strengthening community links
How University partnerships are supporting and encouraging people from disadvantaged backgrounds to obtain a university education.
National Flag of China

Cardiff and China in Partnership
Cardiff University’s world-wide networks include strong and mutually-beneficial links with China which have been built and developed over more than 25 years.

Focus On Genetics
Cardiff University is at the forefront of this science, pinpointing the genetic mechanisms behind cancers, Huntington’s Disease, mental breakdown, and much more. University researchers have developed tests for many conditions which are now offered to patients in the National Health Service (NHS) and around the world.
Chemical structure (thumbnail)

Chemistry Boom at Cardiff
Multi-million pound investments in the University’s School of Chemistry are ensuring a bright future for this vital scientific discipline in Wales.

Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray of the School of Religious and Theological Studies

Islam in the UK
How Cardiff is working with local communities to improve understanding of Islam in Britain

Arctic Ice Bore monitoring

Global questions, global answers 
How the University and its Schools are working towards a more sustainable planet.

Wound being dressed

Wound Healing Research Unit
At the Wound Healing Research Unit, putting patients first is more than just a mission statement.

Music's Role in cultural life

Music's Role in cultural life
The University makes a major contribution to the cultural life of Cardiff and Wales, and in a nation known as the "land of song," it is appropriate that music plays a central role.


Together we're stronger
The merging of Cardiff University and the University of Wales College of Medicine is creating a dynamic, globally-competitive education powerhouse. Exciting improvements, made possible by a £60 million investment, will benefit students, staff and our many stakeholders, enabling the University to make an even greater contribution to Wales and the world.

Exploring the secrets of the brain

Exploring the secrets of the brain
Cardiff scientists are leading the way in unraveling some of the greatest mysteries of the human brain. Experts across a range of disciplines are seeking treatments and cures for debilitating and often fatal brain diseases, while others are exploring the intricacies of how the brain works, to improve our understanding of human behaviour.

Fighting the Cold War

Fighting the Cold War
Cardiff scientists are leading the fight in the "cold war" — the struggle to overcome the misery of a blocked or runny nose, sneezing, headache, sore throat, coughing and fever, which affect most of us every few months. The Common Cold Research Centre is helping to develop new treatments for those familiar symptoms of infections, which in some cases can lead to fatal conditions and which cost the economy many millions of pounds every year.

At the forefront in the fight against breast cancer
At the forefront in the fight against breast cancer
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and every year it claims hundreds of lives.