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Important Notes

  1. Your Local Education Authority can help with any general questions and more detailed requests, as well as provide you with a Student Finance application pack.
  2. When completing your PN1/PR1 form you must make sure that you enter your National Insurance Number.  Failure to do so will cause delay in your Student Loan payments.
  3. It is important that you complete the "Bursary Consent Statement" on your PN1/PR1 form. Please note that failure to provide consent may result in delay with any Bursary and/or Scholarship payments.
  4. When you receive your Financial Notification please make sure that your course details are correct.  If there is an error you will need to complete and return a Change of Circumstance Form for Full-time Students (C01).  This form is available from your LEA.
  5. Tuition Fees are payable by students on an Industrial Training or Year Abroad at approximately 50% of the relevant fee.
  6. The Finance Office may contact you via e-mail and you should read your e-mails at least once a week as per INSRV Regulation 5.3.1
  7. Failure to pay Tuition Fees by the due date will result in Senate Regulations being enforced and may lead to your registration being cancelled.  
  8. Full details of the University's Financial Regulation, including Refund Policy and Procedures in the Event of Non-Payment of Tuition Fee are detailed on pages 248-252 (D23-D.24) of the Academic Regulations Handbook.
  9. Internal repeat students should contact the Finance Office on (029) 20 875253/4167/9263 to confirm the exact fees due.