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Tax Forms

Tax Form P45

The P45 is an important certificate providing details from an employee's previous employment. The P45 is a four-part form.

New Starters

The previous employer keeps Part 1, Part 1a is for the employee to keep and Parts 2 & 3 must be handed to the Salaries Section as soon as the P45 becomes available.
Employees are advised to send their P45 directly to the Salaries Section to prevent emergency tax deductions. However Human Resources may request the P45 for the provision of Asylum & Immigration Act 2002 documents.


Please advise the Salaries Section of an up to date correspondence address to forward employees their final payslip and P45 certificate. Alternatively, employees may collect their P45's from the Salaries Section at the end of the calendar month in which they leave the University's employment.
Please be advised that P45's are only produced after the monthly payroll has been run.

Starter Checklist (Tax Form P46)

Employees who have not worked previously in the current tax year, or have not been issued a P45 certificate from their previous employer must complete a Starter Checklist (Previously known as a P46).
Starter Checklists are available from the Salaries Section or Human Resources.

Employees are advised to :

  • Complete 'Employee Personal Details' section.
  • Read Each statement in the 'Employee Statement' section and tick the box that applies to you.
  • Employees must tick either 'yes' or 'no' for the student load declaration, 
  • Finally, sign and date the Starter Checklist then send to Salaries.

Once received in Salaries the appropriate tax code will be input and HMRC informed via EDI.

Starter Checklist (P46) Download  (from HMRC website)