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Student Demonstrators

Employment of Students

All students engaged must complete a PURPLE Post Graduate Student Demonstrator Engagement Form in addition to a relevant tax form, which must be forwarded to the Salaries Section, before commencement of any duties.

All claims for payment must be made on a PURPLE Post Graduate Student Demonstrator Payment Claim Form on a monthly basis and be signed by an authorised signatory, ie. a member of the department whose signature has been registered with the Director of Finance.

Claims should be submitted to the Salaries Section no later than the cut off date for the month concerned. Students should contact their Departmental Administrator or the Salaries Section for clarification on cut off dates. Claims received late in the month will be held for processing until the following month.

Each student will be issued with a payroll number at the time of his/her engagement, which can be found on the top right hand corner of a payslip. This number MUST be quoted on all timesheets submitted to the Salaries Section for processing.

Payments will be effective by Bank Credit Transfer (BACS) on the last working of the month in which the payment claims are received. Students are advised to provide bank details to ensure prompt payment.

Post Graduate Student Demonstrator Engagement , Payment Claim Forms and relevant tax forms are available on request from the Salaries Section. However, most departments hold a supply.

Rates of Pay

Please contact your College of Professional Services HR team.

Overseas Students

Since 21 June 1999, overseas students from non-EEA countries no longer require a work permit to take part-time and vacation work.
However, students are advised to apply for a National Insurance number on : +44 (0)845 915 7006

Student Demonstrators And Tutorial Assistants: Definition

A demonstrator works typically under the direction and close supervision of an academic member of staff, working with a whole class of students completing experiments and other closely guided work in the laboratory or the studio. The demonstrator is there to provide help and guidance to those students who need it.

A tutorial assistant works with smaller groups of students dealing with issues that have required preparation in advance, will probably require marking or some form of assessment, and will be less tightly controlled by academic staff.

Hours per week

Students shall not be required to undertake teaching in departments for more than an average of 6 hours a week during any one academic year. The 6 hours shall include class contact time, preparation time, assessment activities and any associated training.