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National Insurance Numbers

The HMRC National Insurance Contributions Office issues NationaI Insurance (NI) numbers to individuals approaching 16 years of age and to those working or claiming benefit so that National Insurance contributions and credits can be correctly recorded on each individual NI account.

When an employee starts work, the Salaries Office must ask them for their NI number. Every individual who is working, must, by law, have a NI number and is obliged to provide it when the Salaries Office requests it.

A National Insurance number protects an individual's entitlement to Social Security benefits.

NI numbers consist of two letters, followed by six numbers, followed by one letter, which is either A, B, C, or D.

Employees without a National Insurance Number

Please contact your nearest Contributions Office to arrange an interview.

If you do not have a National Insurance number, or are using a temporary one which starts with the letters TN followed by your birth date, eg TN120362F, please apply to your nearest Contributions Agency for a NI number at your earliest convenience on 0845 600 0643


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