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Jury Service

Employees attending Jury Service will usually be able to claim compensation from the court for loss of earnings. The University will make up such allowances to the normal level of earnings.

Any employee called for Jury Service must forward their written notification (Jury Service Summons) as soon as it is received to the Human Resources Division at 10th Floor, 30-36 Newport Road. Human Resources will issue an employee with an official letter acknowledging their attendance for Jury Service and in the unlikely event that Jury Service extends beyond 30 days, Superannuation contributions must be maintained in full.

A form for Loss of Earnings must be forwarded to the Salaries Section for completion prior to the commencement of Jury Service. The Salaries Section will return the duly completed form to the employee at a designated address. This form is then handed in to the Clerk of the Court on an employee's first day of Jury Service.

Upon completion of Jury Service, the Court will pay an employee for travel, subsistence and Loss of Earnings usually via BACS and provide a remittance advice. This advice MUST be forwarded to the Salaries Section on the first day an employee returns to work.

The Salaries Section will only reduce an employee's salary by the "Juror's Loss" paid by the Court. An Employee cannot be paid twice by the Court and University for the same days.

Any employee with an enquiry regarding Jury Service should contact the Summoning Officer at the relevant Court or alternatively visit the website on