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Members already receive income tax relief on pension contributions and the University is committed to making your pension contributions work even more efficiently. By introducing positivePensions from 1 July 2008, both you and the University can make savings.


How it works

Instead of making monthly pension contributions from your salary, you agree to give up an amount of your gross contractual salary equal to the value of your pension contributions. In exchange, the University increases its contributions to cover both the employee and employer elements of the pension contributions.

As a result, both you and the University pay less in National Insurance (NI) contributions and your take home pay increases.

Members of both the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) and the Cardiff University Pension Fund (CUPF) can participate in positivePensions.

Unfortunately, members of the Local Government Pension Scheme and the NHS Pension Scheme are unable to participate in positivePensions


If you are a new employee you will automatically be deemed into the salary sacrifice arrangement.  For those employees with a short term contract please contact the pensions section as you may wish to consider if you want to “opt out” of this arrangement as you will not be able to obtain a refund of your contributions if you are a member of USS and have had less than 2 years contributing service.


For current employees you can withdraw from the salary sacrifice arrangement but this can only be done at the beginning of a new tax year.  The required form would need to be received at the salaries section by 31 March allowing the payroll staff to implement the change from the April payroll.


For those employees who have previously “opted out” of this arrangement they can also elect to go back into the salary sacrifice arrangement by completing the required form and returning to the salaries section by 31 March to be implemented from April.


The opt in and opt out forms are obtained from the pensions section where a member of staff will discuss any questions you may have and send the you the required form to complete and return by 31 March for processing in the following months payroll.


Useful contact details below: