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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)




1. Why can’t I copy an old order/requisition?
It is not good practice to copy old orders from iProcurement as the prices may be out of date or products no longer available. Using old orders will result in orders not being sent correctly through the eMarketplace and create invoice holds.
If you have items that are frequently purchased then please add them to favourites in the eMarketplace where prices will automatically be updated.


2. Do I have to use the eMarketplace for all my purchases?
No. The eMarketplace works within the University’s Oracle Finance System and includes only preferred suppliers. The hosted price files contain up-to-date information on ‘core items’ routinely ordered, in high volume, across the University; they do not contain the entire product range of any supplier with a presence on the eMarketplace. The eMarketplace is designed to enable you to quickly select items with accurate pricing, compare prices and product specifications easily and for these to be efficiently converted into orders.
For these reasons, the easiest way to raise an order is through the eMarketplace and you are expected to make use of this to order standard/routine items as these can be obtained at the lowest overall cost. If a supplier/product is available through the eMarketplace you should obtain it through this medium rather by another route. If you have any issues relating to either a supplier or product you should contact the Purchasing Section (, who will investigate the problem.
However, the eMarketplace will never be able to host every item that the University is likely to need. In cases where an item you require is not available you can still use a non-catalogue request (NCR) through iProcurement in Oracle.


3. What if I am unable to find a product or supplier on the eMarketplace?
You can search on the eMarketplace for:
• A list of active suppliers, and alerts will be provided when any new supplier is added to the system;
• Products available either from a supplier or across the system from a number of suppliers.
If you are unable to find a supplier on the system this may be because either they do not want to participate on the eMarketplace or because their products do not lend themselves to this medium.
You should, where possible, use equivalent products from suppliers on the eMarketplace rather than buying a similar product from a supplier that isn’t on there. If you think it would be beneficial to add a supplier to the approved supplier list you should contact the Purchasing Section ( to discuss this.
If a product you want isn’t there but the supplier is you should contact the Purchasing Section ( so that they can take this up with the supplier in question. It may be possible to add the item to the supplier price file but until this is done you will still be able to order the item using a non-catalogue request (NCR) through iProcurement in Oracle.


4. I want to order an item in bulk and expect a discount, how do I do this?
The Purchasing Section always expects suppliers to provide their best prices based on the overall turnover of the University with that supplier. The unit price for items should reflect this position.
For some products there may be a different unit price based on the number of any particular items ordered and suppliers have been asked to provide prices on the system to reflect different order volumes.
Most supplier price files on eMarketplace contain various ‘price breaks’ i.e. lower prices where items are ordered in standard multiples: the different unit price should be displayed when you enter a relevant quantity. Some suppliers ‘systems are unable to cope with this requirement and their files will not include volume differential pricing. If a supplier has price breaks you will see a ‘volume’ button next to the product (see below).



eMarket-FAQ  18.3 Kb


Also, for non-standard multiples, or very large volumes, the system may not be able to account for this and the unit price may not be reflective of the volumes ordered. In these instances the supplier representative should provide a bespoke quote and you must use a non-catalogue request (NCR) through iProcurement in Oracle. If the product and/or volume are likely to be a recurrent one you should contact the Purchasing Section so that arrangements can be made for the product and price to be included on the supplier price file when this is updated on the eMarketplace.



The current suppliers with price breaks are:
• Fisher Scientific
• Sigma-Aldrich


5. Search for catalogue items using catalogue numbers
When searching for products from suppliers using the catalogue number, you need to remove the non-numerical characters. For example 3.335.939 becomes 3335939.


6. Purchase orders to multiple delivery addresses
Most suppliers require a purchase order per delivery address and the supplier obtains the delivery details from the ‘Ship to Address’ on the purchase order. You should ensure that all locations that require direct delivery are available on the system and if you cannot find the correct address listed then please log a call with Insrv Connect with the full details of the address (including room number) so that this can be added to Oracle EBS.


7. Adding suppliers to the eMarketplace
The Purchasing Section is working on adding contracted suppliers to the eMarketplace and has a prioritised list of suppliers to enable. These are suppliers that have formal contracts with the University via the Purchasing Section. The suppliers are chosen as they have products that can be easily adapted to the catalogue approach of the eMarketplace and common suppliers across the University. It is not possible to add suppliers that are non-contracted suppliers e.g. no formal contract with the Purchasing Section.


8. Mixed VAT on orders
The system cannot process a purchase order that has mixed VAT lines. If you required goods with mixed VAT please could raise a separate requisition for each type of VAT.


9. Use of eMarketplace:
In order for the University to utilise the many benefits of using the eMarketplace please could you ensure that all requisitions for eMarketplace suppliers are placed via the eMarketplace.


10. Receipting
Please could you ensure that you receipt all goods/services in a timely manner to ensure that invoices from suppliers do not get placed on hold for non-receipting. This is especially important for eMarketplace suppliers as we move towards e-Invoicing with chosen suppliers.


11. Is my item in stock?
For some suppliers you will be able to view a live-stock feed, which will show the current quantity of items in stock. Not every supplier has this feature in the eMarketplace.
The current suppliers with live-stock feeds are:
• Fisher Scientific
• VWR Ltd
• Sigma-Aldrich


12. Canceling/amending orders
All eMarketplace requisitions are converted to purchase orders automatically once in an approved status.
Should you wish to amend an order once it has been issued to the supplier please follow the guidelines below:
• If you wish to add items to an order please raise a new requisition
• If you wish to cancel the order in its entirety then please contact the supplier directly for confirmation that the goods have not been shipped before canceling the order in Oracle
• If you wish to cancel an item on the order please contact the supplier directly as above before deleting any lines on the order


13. eMarketplace Operational Issues
If you experience any operational issues (which you cannot resolve) when using the eMarketplace, please raise a call with InsrvConnect, including full detail of the issue you encountered.