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Travel, Subsistence and Hospitality

Mileage Rates

The following HMRC approved mileage rates will be used:-

Car = 45 pence per mile (* see notes 1 and 2 below)
Motorbike = 24 pence per mile (* see note 2 below)
Bicycle = 20 pence per mile

Note 1. If your Annual Mileage exceeds 10,000 miles the maximum rate claimable for each mile over 10,000 will be 25 pence per mile

Note 2.  For road journeys exceeding 100 miles in total it is usually cheaper to use a hired car.  The Head of School/Director's advance authorisation is required if an employee wishes to use their private car for journeys over 100 miles.  If this 100-mile limit is exceeded, the employee can only claim 13p per mile over the first 100 for each round trip.  Staff will be allowed to claim for passengers at a rate of 5p per mile.


Actual expenses incurred (supported by original receipts) may be claimed using the following as a guideline.

Outside of London
4 to 6 hours = £6
6 to 12 hours = £17
12 to 24 hours = £30
Over night = £110

4 to 6 hours = £6
6 to 12 hours = £20
12 to 24 hours = £40
Over night = £150

In general subsistence should cover any meals, drinks (non-alcohol unless with a meal) and cost of accommodation while on University business.  If a third party gives overnight accommodation to a member of staff, they may pay the third party up to half the overnight subsistence allowance but proof of receipt of payment will be required.  Items considered as personal, such as toiletries, confectionery, tobacco, etc are not allowed.

Overseas Subsistence

Subsistence rates are not provided for overseas trips as day to day costs can vary greatly between countries.  Actual expenses incurred will be reimbursed, but when visiting a country where receipts are not always provided, a written explanation must be given, and a breakdown of expenditure listed on the claim form.

In general, items considered to be personal, such as toiletries, sweets, chocolates, cigarettes and tobacco etc are not allowed.

If away from home for a significant period, reasonable expenses for laundry and dry cleaning may be reimbursed.  Personal telephone calls may be reimbursed if the Head of School/Director, and Finance deems them reasonable.

In exceptional circumstances, a claim may be made for gifts presented on overseas trips if the Head of School agrees it is for marketing purposes or a tradition in a particular country.

The Overseas Travel Request form (EXP4) must be used to approve overseas travel prior to departure, regardless of whether a travel advance has been requested. All requests for overseas travel must be authorised by the Head of School/Director on an EXP4 form.


Where hospitality and entertainment is offered to third parties, the invoice/claim must state the names of those attending the meal and the business relationship. Hospitality must be kept to a minimum and not for general goodwill. University facilities should be used wherever possible. There is a £35/head maximum.

Spend on staff / student entertainment at mixed gatherings is a maximum of £6 / head.

Refreshments at working lunches/school meetings are acceptable but there must be an agenda and minutes.


Advances for a minimum of £100 for costs towards travel (excluding airfare) & subsistence can be made subject to the prior approval of the Head of School/Directorate on an EXP4 form.

Advances will be granted but new advances will not be made until prior advances have been accounted for: holdover of advances from one trip to another is not permitted: receipts must be attached, full details given and a statement of account sent to FINCE no later than 60 days after the purpose of the advance has been met.

Payment of Expense Claims

Staff expenses are paid by BACS weekly.

Claims should be made within three months of expenditure being incurred and supported fully by receipts.

Expense claims must be on the correct form, must state home address (where appropriate), attach receipts, provide all necessary details, not include claims for personal expenses and have the "claims and rates checked" box completed.