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Petty Cash

Petty Cash floats should be kept in a locked cash box, in a locked drawer, and it is the member of staff responsible for petty cash to ensure that it is secure at all times. Duplicate keys should be given to a nominated member of staff, and another set given to the Finance department for safe keeping.

All transactions should be recorded and receipts kept. When the float needs replenishing, the petty cash book with receipts and a list of the relevant financial codes should be sent to the Accounts Payable section.

Once the relevant checks have been made, the Petty Cash book and cash can:
     a. Be collected from the Cash Office in Newport Road.
     b. A cheque with a letter authorising cash sent to the department.

Petty cash books should be seen by Accounts Payable on a quarterly basis, or when a reimbursement is required, to check compliance with Financial Procedures. There is no limit on how many reimbursements can be made.

Requests for an increase in a float must be made in writing to the Head of Accounts Payable Section.


Please refer to section D6 Financial Procedures for more information