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Financial Contingency Fund 2013/14

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If you have insufficient funds to cover your essential costs there may be help available.  The Welsh Government provides a safety net for students in need through the financial Contingency Fund (FCF).

If you:

  • Have an unexpected crisis.
  • Are considering leaving Higher Education because of financial problems.
  • Need extra financial help to meet particular costs which are not already being met from statutory (or other) sources of funding.
  • Or are running out of money before the end of term.

Talk to the Money Team for practical advice, and if appropriate, a non-repayable grant will be awarded from FCF or the University Student Fund.

FCF is to help with essential living and study costs; It is unable to help with lifestyle choice, such as cars, digital TV, holidays or gym membership. Students receive funding through loans and either grants or parental support.  You are expected where possible to supplement this income with part-time or vacation work, savings and by applying careful budgeting.

An FCF award is not an automatic entitlement and should not be regarded as guaranteed income from year to year.

Who can apply?

How to apply?

Who will get an award?

What do I do if I disagree with the decision?

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