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Money Doctors

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The Money Doctors is a joint venture between Cardiff University, Student Support Centre and Cardiff Student Union, Advice and Representation Centre.  

Our aim is to raise financial awareness amongst students.  

We do this by:

  • Running workshops e.g. managing your money and dealing with debt.  To book on to a workshop please email:
  • Give one-to-one budgeting advice.
  • Have resources available for you
  • Have a Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Run taste tests. 
  • Run competitions about financial awareness.
  • Run awareness stalls e.g. energy efficiency.
  • National Student Money Week

Are you graduating this year?

Here is some information that you may find useful:

Student loan repayments

Graduate banking

Earnings and income

What's going on

Information and prize stalls during Freshers week.  More information will be following shortly.