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Change of circumstances

If your circumstances change it may affect your entitlement to a bursary or delay payment until your new details have been processed by the university and the student loans company.We have listed the most common changes below.


 If I change course

If you transfer within Cardiff University you will continue to be receive a bursary.  However, this may delay a payment.  If you transfer to another University you will be treated as withdrawing and your entitlement will cease immediately.

If I am on a placement year

If you are on a placement year and started your course in  2011 or later unless you continue to pay full fees you will  not qualify for a bursary during your placement year.  If you require help financially during your placement you should apply to the University Student Fund.  You apply via the Financial Contingency Application form, highlighting  placement support on your application.  If you started in 2010 or earlier and you are paying  fees over £1500 you will receive 50% of your normal bursary.  If you are paying less than £1500 fees you will not qualify for a bursary during your placement (this includes Erasmus students)  Your bursary will continue as normal when you return to study at Cardiff University next year.

My parents household income has changed

If your household income is amended during the year this may affect your bursary.  Even if your bursary award is not amended it can delay payments.

If your household income has reduced by 15% you can request your award authority re-assesses your entitlement to student funding based on current year income, (Tax year 2014-15).  Your bursary may be delayed until this assessment is completed.  Do ensure you provide the updated information as soon as possible to ensure it is processed before the 31st of July.  If the assessment is not complete by the end of June 2014 please contact the bursary office on 029 2087 9128/9320.

If the income rises above the qualifying threshold you may receive a cancellation letter and any further payments will be cancelled. Where there is an increase in household income the university reserves the right to reclaim any bursary overpayments  in the current year.

If I leave my course

Payments are made on condition that students are still enrolled at University.  If a student withdraws from University, entitlement to a bursary award will cease immediately.    The University reserves the right to reclaim any overpayment or incorrect bursary payments.

If I have to repeat a year

Entitlement to a bursary is dependent on you paying sufficient tuition fees.  If you are paying less than the required fees your entitlement to a bursary in your repeat year may cease.  Please see the required fees for your bursary year.  If you are repeating the year as an external student you will not qualify for a bursary and should inform your award authority of your status as an external student as this will affect your eligibility to receive student funding.

If I go on leave of absence

You will only be entitled to a bursary if you are in attendance on the relevant payment date.  Entitlement to a bursary will re-commence at the next attendance point you are present for.