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Who can apply?

The Fund is open to students who are:

  • Cardiff University registered Undergraduate or Postgraduate level.
  • Full-time.
  • Home, EU or International students (who are not eligible for statutory childcare grants).

Undergraduate students or 39 week Postgraduate students do not normally receive help for daycare over the summer vacation unless they have compulsory course commitments. In this case the details should be provided to the Student Finance Team for approval in advance.

Who is not eligible

  • The University Daycare Fund will not help students where they have a partner who is not working or is not a Full time Higher Education student, normally at Cardiff University.
  • The University Daycare Fund will not normally help Undergraduate students who are eligible for statutory childcare grants.
  • Childcare payments are not normally paid where the partner is available to provide childcare (see advisory staff for exceptions e.g. disabled partner).
  • Postgraduate research students after the first term of their writing-up period.
  • The University Daycare Fund can only help with childcare costs incurred at the University daycare centre.
  • Erasmus and exchange students (you should apply to your home university where you are still registered as a student).
  • Students on short term or non Higher Education courses.
  • External students will not normally be eligible.
  • Part-time students.
  • Summer vacation only applicants (that is only use daycare in the summer vacation).