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How to apply

Daycare hardship application forms can be collected from the daycare centre, they will only be issued when a place in daycare has been offered.

All applicants must provide:

  • Full details and comprehensive clear evidence of their household income.
  • Students who live with a partner will need to provide their partners income details.
  • Students should ensure they have provided documents to verify all of their income and required expenditure.
  • If part of your income, expenditure or savings is in your home country, you will need to provide proof of these, (including a translation where necessary).
  • You may be asked to explain parts of your application at interview.

When handing in your form, it will be checked to ensure you have completed it correctly and we will photocopy all your documents and return the original documents to you.

Students should note that they will be required to pay fees at the full rate until an award has been approved. Fee reduction will then be back dated to the date of application.