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Podium Presentation at International Orthooptic conference Toronto

Zarna Dasani 2nd Year Optometry Student  Podium presentation 


My visit to Toronto to attend the International Orthoptic Conference 2012 and present the research that generated new targets for a clinical distance 3D vision test (the Frisby-Davis test).  The research was conducted with Professors Frisby and Davis at Sheffield university who originally produced the test.  I was the youngest present at the conference and the youngest author/presenter from the 44 participating countries.  It was something I could never have imagined I could have done at this age or generally with my research ever.  This was achieved and made a reality with the help of the Cardiff  University Alumni grants.  I have been given permission to publish an article on the research completed for the conference and I have been asked to present the final version to the next conference in Rotterdam.