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Internship at NASA space life Science laboratory, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Kyle Grant  3rd Year BSc Microbiology   Placement Year

My placement was at the Space Life Sciences Laboratory based at the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  All the newest and most accurate equipment was available.  Electron microscopy, vacuum chambers and advanced genetic manipulation equipment, to name a few, were all on site.  I was involved in many different types of projects including trajectory calculation and alteration of launches, advanced life support systems and chemical engineering for the new J-1X rocket propulsion systems for the Space Launch System.  I would highly recommend this institution for any PTYs in the future.  Without the kind generosity of the Cardiff University Alumni Fund, I would never have been able to undertake all that I did in my year with NASA.

The work I undertook is in the process of being submitted to the international Journal of Astrobiology, on which I am listed as first author.  Some of the experiments that I was helping design are now being undertaken on the International space Station and some advanced experiments based on my research are in the pipeline to go up in 2014.