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Clinical Engineering (Part time - 2 years) (MSc)

A model bone with an instrument attached

Over the last three decades the explosion of new technologies and the applications introduced into the medical field has opened up a vast number of new possibilities for diagnosis and therapy, but at the same time has raised serious questions of appropriateness, safety and effectiveness.

Accelerating activity in this area has been based upon a non-critical acceptance of new technologies which, in turn, has led to the uncontrolled use of medical technology and has contributed significantly to spiraling health costs. As a result, technology and healthcare is one of the most pressing issues of many governments today. Clinical engineering seeks to address these problems by engaging in the development and management of medical devices. Previous to this course there were no formalised educational frameworks existing to enable clinical engineers to draw upon the wealth of knowledge and experience developed by their colleagues across the field as a whole. The introduction, for the first time in the UK, of this MSc Degree in Clinical Engineering will give those working in the field, whether as Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses or Managers, the opportunity to develop and advance their knowledge of clinical engineering within a formalised educational framework.

NB: Please note that although this is largely a distance learning course, students will be expected to attend lectures and practical sessions on 4 separate weekends in Cardiff for each year of the course. Students will also be expected to attend an examination weekend each year in May.


Scheme Structure 

A piece of medical machinery

Emphasis is directed in the first year of part 1 towards an understanding of basic principles of technology in medicine, risk management and regulation as applied to clinical engineering, in the second year of Part I, these will be strengthened with options to specialise in certain applications. In Part II, students will study, in depth, a clinical engineering problem leading to the submission of a dissertation. Successful candidates will obtain an MSc degree in engineering awarded by Cardiff University.

Further information on the MSc Clinical Engineering

Course Directors

Various medical implements

M D Jones, BSc, Ll M, MSc, PhD, has many years experience in applying engineering to clinical problems and has published extensively on the subject.

J.P. Woodcock, BSc, MPhil., PhD, is currently Professor of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering in the School of Medicine.

Admission Tutor

Dr Mike Jones


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