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MSc Professional Engineering (MSc)

 (also available as PGCert and PGDip)

MSc Professional Engineering has been meticulously developed to ensure close alignment with the required professional competencies of a Chartered Engineer, as defined by UK-SPEC.  Studying of all the modules will ensure that participants have the best opportunity to meet these CEng requirements. 

MSc Professional Engineering participants will attend the university during 8 weekends spread across 2 academic years.  During each weekend participants will receive a series of seminars, lectures and tutorials from highly respected academic and industrial experts, in the comfortable surroundings of a local hotel.  Structured coursework assignments will then encourage the participant to demonstrate how the application of this new knowledge can improve their abilities within their own working environment.  This programme does not include any formal written examinations, and hence should not dissuade applications from potential participants with only distant memories of formal education. 

The programme has been structured to deliver a broad range of professional and managerial concepts through a spectrum of exciting modules, to reflect the likely level of our participants. 

Teaching & Facilities

Cardiff School of Engineering’s teaching expertise is divided in to 3 areas, covering: Electrical and Electronic engineering, Civil & Architectural engineering, Mechanical & Medical engineering.  Our strong research pedigree means that our skills also cover a host of other engineering sectors, and hence prospective participants should still apply.

Learning Facilities

The majority of the university-based elements of this programme will actually be delivered in a local hotel, to provide a comfortable environment that is conducive to learning and engagement with both peers and academic staff.  Frequent visits will be scheduled to the Engineering campus, which is only a very short walk away, to utilise the excellent study and research facilities. 

Programme Duration

The programme generally starts every September, and will last for 3 calendar years.  This structure allows 21 months in which the 8 teaching weekends are scheduled, before a 15 month period for the participant to complete their Dissertation.  On successful completion of the programme, participants will then be eligible to graduate at the next ceremony.

Participant Mentoring

Upon enrolment at Cardiff University, you will immediately be assigned an Academic Supervisor, who you will meet during the first teaching weekend.  Your Academic Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that your transition back into education is smooth, and to serve as your first point of contact within the School.   

You will also be allocated an Industrial Mentor, who will assist with your activities in the work-place.  Ideally, this will be a Chartered Engineer drawn from your current working environment; however, if this proves unfeasible, alternative arrangements will be made.

Participant Requirements

Cardiff’s MSc Professional Engineering programme has been designed to excite and inspire the next generation of Chartered Engineers.  We aim to recruit only high-calibre participants, to ensure that we can create the most effective and rewarding learning environment.  Hence, before you apply for the programme, please consider your eligibility against the following criteria:

Accredited First Degrees: Prospective participants holding a relevant, accredited first degree (2i or 1st Class) should typically have at least 2 years post-graduation experience.

Non-accredited First Degrees: Prospective participants holding a relevant, though non-accredited first degree (2i or 1st Class) should typically have at least 5 years post-graduation experience.

Other Relevant Qualifications: Prospective participants holding other relevant qualifications are equally welcome to study MSc Professional Engineering once they have achieved at least 7 years post-qualification experience.

Participants should be aware that these are only generic guidelines and hence should not hesitate in contacting the Admissions Tutor to informally discuss their circumstances. 

For further information please contact or the Course Tutor:

Dr Peter Theobald

Telephone: +44 (0) 29 20874726


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