‘The Chelsea Steamers! Or, a Trip to Cemorne. A Song’

Who’s for Cremorne! for the Steamers are going
From London the fare is but Threepence a nob.
The sun it is glowing, the breezes are blowing—
Such a treat who would slight can be only a Snob.
Hark, the steam it is singing, the starting bell’s ringing—
With Amusements so many, we must not be late—
Then quickly let’s steer to the Grand Cremorne Pier,
Where Momus laughs over the New Water Gate.

In the Steamers, by water, through Battersea Bridge,
Cremorne, to thy Gardens we’ll hasten!
They may ‘Rosin the Bow’ relaxation that grudge
The string we’ll, more wisely, unfasten!
Cremorne can boast of good ale and wine!
Cremorne can boast of good brandy!
Cremorne can boast lots of pretty girls,
As sweet as sugar candy!
In the Steamers by water, &c.

In the Steamers alike, whether Citizen, Waterman,
For Battersea Bridge or Cremorne that may ply—
Your sweetheart take gallantly, wife or your daughter, man,
Winning each heart, and delighting each eye.
There things they do so tastefully—
There the Polka dance so gracefully—
All the world and his wife we are sure to meet there—
Then who to Cremorne would not gladly repair?

In the steamer by water, &c.

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