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Research in Philosophy

Researching the good, the true and the beautiful

Our research orients towards moral and political philosophy, philosophy of mind and psychology, and the intersections between these areas.

Our work in moral and political philosophy is facilitated by the Centre for Applied Ethics and the Bristol-Cardiff Ethics Symposium. Our work in philosophy of mind and psychology is facilitated by our philosophy of perception workshop series. Our work at the intersection of these areas is facilitated by our normativity workshop series and our role in the Values in Action research centre.

Book CoverOur work is grounded equally in the analytic and continental traditions of philosophy. Our work in moral and political philosophy in particular is influenced by our work on Nietzsche, existentialism, and the Frankfurt School. It is here that our interests in various aspects of aesthetics impinge most directly on our core research.

We place a strong emphasis on the immediate impact of our research beyond the academy as well as within it. This is central to the projects developed within the Centre for Applied Ethics. Our other research areas inform our provision of conferences and teaching materials for A-level Philosophy. Our work on rationality and normativity is shaping a new project on the role of risk in mountaineering.

We pursue all of these research interests through our programme of regular events, including a visiting speaker seminar and a work-in-progress seminar.

Each year we host selected visiting scholars from the UK and overseas, for periods between two weeks and one year. Some of them are participants in our popular Advanced Research Residencies programme. For details of the options click here.

PhD Programme

The School offers a PhD programme in Philosophy. We are also one of the partners in the AHRC-funded  South, West and Wales Consortium’s Doctoral Training Programme. Click here to find out more about this prestigious programme.

A view from Dr Jonathan Webber, Director of Research for Philosophy

Dr Jonathan Webber

“Our strength lies in bringing together influences and interests whose complementarity has been obscured by recent philosophical trends. This makes for a distinctive and fertile research culture, in which colleagues continually broaden one another’s perspectives. The culture is enriched by our research-led teaching, which ensures that undergraduate and MA students contribute along with doctoral students and staff. We are all philosophers here.”