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Southern Normativity Group Annual Conference 2015

The fourth annual Cardiff Normativity Workshop


The Normativity of Rationality

1pm Wednesday 6th May -- 5pm Thursday 7th May


John Percival Building, Cardiff University, CF10 3EU (map)


Why be Enkratic? A Rational and a Normative Perspective
Julian Fink (Graz)

Rational Reasons
Bruno Guindon (McGill)

A Buck-Passing Account of the Normativity of Rationality
Benjamin Kiesewetter (Humboldt)

Two Attempts to Dismiss the Normative Question
Yair Levy (Southampton)

Responding to Normative Reasons
Euan Metz (Reading)

Oughts, Reasons, and Rational Requirements
Andrew Reisner (McGill)

Normative Rationality and Constitutive Rationality
Nicholas Shackel (Cardiff)

Respect and the Reality of Apparent Reasons
Kurt Sylvan (Southampton)

Reasoning and Rationality
Jonathan Way (Southampton)



Attendance is free, but registration is required

Thanks to the support of the Analysis Trust we can offer some student bursaries for up to half your accomodation and subsistence costs. Please state when registering whether you wish to apply for a student bursary.

Please also state whether you wish to attend the conference dinner at Pierre Le Bistrot in Cardiff city centre on the Wednesday evening.

Registration is by email. All welcome!



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