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Ethics and the Architecture of Personal Dispositions

3-4 July 2012

Maison de la Recherche, 28 rue Serpente, 75006 Paris

Sorbonne, Paris


Schedule and Abstracts

Download full conference schedule (pdf, 71kb)

Download abstracts of submitted papers (pdf, 128kb)


Keynote Speakers

Pauline Kleingeld (Groningen)

Walter Mischel (Columbia)


Submitted Papers

Factitious Moral Virtue
Mark Alfano (Notre Dame)

Character, Will, and Agency
Roman Altshuler (SUNY)

Dispositions and Ethics
Rani Lill Anjum (UMB Oslo) and Stephen Mumford (Nottingham)

Between Character and Personality
Konrad Banicki (Jagiellonian)

In Defence of Vice
Tom Bates (Leiden)

Practical Necessity and Personality
Katharina Bauer (Bochum)

Situational Influences on Moral Judgment
Thomas Bienengrber (Duisburg-Essen)

Attachment, Character and Naturalism
Edward Harcourt (Oxford)

Character, Punishment, and the Liberal Order
Jonathan Jacobs (CUNY)

Situationism, Social Virtues, and Bystander Training
Kate Manne (Harvard) and Daniel Manne (Harvard)

Cultivating Virtue: Lessons from the Cognitive Learning Sciences
Alberto Masala (Sorbonne)

Does the CAPS Model Improve Our Understanding of Character and Personality?
Christian Miller (Wake Forest)

The Dispositions of Character
Hichem Naar (Manchester)

Behavioural Folds and Behavioural Vectors
Alain P-Curto (Geneva) and Federico Lauria (Geneva)

Non-Human Personality: A Missing Idea In Animal Ethics?
Simone Pollo (Sapienza) and Augusto Vitale (ISS Rome)

The Normativity Challenge
Clea Rees (Cardiff)

Should Character be used interchangeably with Moral Character?
Shilpa Sharma (IoE London)

Neuro-Rehabilitation and the Criminal Character
Katrina Sifferd (Elmhurst)

Ethical Thought After Situationism
Nicholas Smyth (Brown)

Two Strategies for Responding to Situationism
Natasza Szutta (Gdansk)

Instilling Virtue
Jonathan Webber (Cardiff)


Further Details

Attendance is free without registration. Conference language is English.

To find accommodation, try this Trip Advisor page.


Conference Organisers

Alberto Masala and Jonathan Webber


This conference is part of the project 'The Architecture of Personal Traits'.
See project event archive.