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Conferences, Symposia and other Events

Libraries and Health and Wellbeing

An exploratory workshop

Date:  12th December 2014

Venue: Room 2.03, John Percival Building, Cardiff University


  1. To explore the future role of the network of public libraries, museums and cultural institutions in Wales in the provision of health information and health promotion.
  2. To explore the role of libraries, museums and cultural institutions in providing professional assistance to patients and lay carers in understanding medical information, and to provide forums for patient discussion groups.
  3. To explore the role of libraries, museums and cultural institutions in facilitating the application of insights from the medical humanities to primary care, and to propagate and develop approaches to health care grounded in art therapies.
  4. To explore the role of libraries as a resource for on-going and regional training of medical and care professionals.
  5. To explore the role of the National Library of Wales and the National Museums and Galleries of Wales and other key cultural institutions in resourcing and co-ordinating programmes involving primary care providers and public libraries.

The workshop will include presentations of key positions, but also substantial opportunities for discussion and networking.

Participants at the workshop will include academics in the medical humanities, patient support charities, the National Library of Wales and the Welsh Library service, and representative from NHS Wales.

Please click here to read more about this workshop and to register your attendance

Cardiff Poetry Experiment

7pm Friday 28th November

Featuring John Cage’s FOUR6, poetry by Wanda O' Connor, recently featured in The Best Canadian Poetry 2014, and Andrew Duncan, author of Anxiety on Entering a Room and The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry.

Drinks and discussion at 7pm with the performance to start promptly at 7:30pm.

Further information

The Ethics of Online Research Methods

Call for Papers

Date: 16 - 17 April, 2015

Today, more than ever, data are widely accessible, visible, and searchable for research in digital media contexts. At the same time, new data types and collection methods challenge existing approaches to research ethics and raise significant and difficult questions for researchers who design, undertake and disseminate research in and about digital environments.

The aims of this workshop are to bring together researchers who use online research methods and data in different subfields of applied linguistics, to discuss ethical considerations in online data collection and analysis, to identify challenges and share solutions to ethical issues arising from applied linguistics research.

For further information please click here

Language and Communication Postgraduate Research Conference

Date: May 2015

Organised by the Centre for Language and Communication Research.

More information to follow.

February – March 2015: Lexical Studies month

Organised by the Centre for Language and Communication Research.

More information to follow.

Roland Barthes at 100

A conference to mark the centenary of Roland Barthes

Location: Cardiff University, Wales

Date:30-31 March 2015

Keynote Speakers:

Marie Gil (Collège International de Philosophie)
Diana Knight (Nottingham University)
Jürgen Pieters (University of Ghent)
Michael Wood (Princeton University)

For further information please click here

Advanced Research Residency in Language and Law

Date: 2015

The Cardiff Language and Law (CaLL) group are inviting applications for a limited number of places on this Research Residency, which will run from Oct 1st 2014 to Jan 31st 2015.

The Advanced Research Residency (ARR) scheme brings together researchers with related interests for a series of research workshops in the context of an opportunity for completing their own independent research project.

For further information please click here

Advanced Research Residency in Systemic Functional Linguistics​

Date: Spring 2016 (date to be confirmed)

Organised by the Centre for Language and Communication Research.

More information to follow.

Philosophy Cafe

Philosophy CafePhilosophy Cafe is a space for sharing and exploring ideas, which affirms that we are all philosophers, even if we don't quite know it yet.

It aims to exploit the enthusiasm of academic philosophers and social scientists for their subject to create stimulating debates in which anyone can participate. Topics up for discussion will range from the ethics of global warming to the nature of democracy and freedom, and from corporate social responsibility to the rights and wrongs of new technologies such as genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

On the third Tuesday of each month, join us in the Cafe Bar at The Gate to listen as speakers introduce insights and invite us to address key problems. Afterwards, why not continue the debate in our blog?

The emphasis is on joining in. Philosophy Cafe starts from the assumption that everyone's viewpoint is potentially a source of illumination. Our ethos is therefore that all opinions are entitled to respect, and that open, friendly discussion, disagreement, and debate is the best way to show them that respect.

Bring an open mind along, and change the way you see the world.

Free Entry - All Welcome

Philosophy Cafe takes its inspiration from the WorldCafe approach to the exploration of ideas.

Visit the Philosophy Cafe

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