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The aim of Cardiff Corvey is to develop technologies such as the Internet, with its internationalism and ease of access, while advancing studies based on established scholarly disciplines, such as textual editing, bibliographical analysis, and literary history.  By involving as many people interested in the field of Romantic studies as we can, we hope to create a source of relevant information for the academic community at large.

We hope to make Cardiff Corvey more than just a homepage which gives a ‘guided tour’ of the material available at Cardiff University: we want to show how those resources can used in dynamic and compelling ways.  The CME offers a rich vein of data with the capacity to change the way we think about English literature and society during the Romantic era.  Preliminary analysis of gender and text from the turn of the nineteenth century reveal compelling facts about publishing trends in the literary market.  Our aim is to develop Cardiff Corvey into a forum for the dissemination and discussion of new matter from this significant period in the development of the modern text.

Initially, Cardiff Corvey will provide basic information in the form of articles detailing research based on the material to be found in the Corvey Collection (see our Articles section for essays discussing various aspects of Romantic-era collections).

The next phase will involve introducing a Forum for enquiry based on authorship, chronology, canonicity, and textual/bibliographical matters.  This will hope to use the Internet in its best guise: as an open community of discourse and enquiry around the discipline of English Romantic studies.  Such a forum might have a number of possible uses:

  To comment on and query articles which have been published, and the conclusions to which they might have led;
  In order to make enquiries about specific texts and authors, which might be available through perusal of the CME at Cardiff.  Of course, we couldn’t be expected to do ‘donkey-work’ research on behalf of querents!  Rather, important and fundamental queries which influence the topics mentioned above, will be our primary interest;
  Statements which might generate interest in new aspects of the subject, again would be most welcome.

We more than welcome any contributions that members of the academic community might wish to make.  Any papers supplied for prospective publication on this site will be seriously considered, undergoing a process of peer-review.  Articles we would be most interested in publishing include those addressing Romantic literary studies with an especial slant on book history, textual and bibliographical studies, the literary marketplace and the publishing world, and so forth.

As with all resources, the usefulness of a tool depends on how much interest is invested in it and how it is used—the more feedback we get from you about the direction we should take, the more useful we will become.  Our aims in establishing Cardiff Corvey are functionality, viability and longevity: all three are based on how our audience views us, and if that audience sees something it likes or something it dislikes then all it need do is let us know—any reasonable suggestions will be treated seriously.  As with all things, however, it is best to start small and grow slowly with the advantage of stability and clarity of purpose.

Last modified 5 January, 2003 .
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