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The English language titles of the Edition Corvey consist of just under 3,300 works, of which the collection of novels comprises nearly two-thirds; also contained are 194 dramas, and more than 400 poetic works.  Of especial interest is the high frequency of women poets and novelists, including over nineteen first editions by Mary Meeke, and a dozen or more by Barbara Hofland, Louisa Stanhope, and Ann of Swansea.  Other prose forms included are fairy tales, legends, fables, and children’s stories, as well as biographies, essays and contemporary literary criticism, travel writing, periodical work, and over one hundred anthologies.

The chart shows how significant the Corvey holdings are, with figures taken from a total of 2,256 novels identified from the period 1800–29.  The Nineteenth Century Short-Title Catalogue, also held in the Arts & Social Studies Library, is another significant listing of holdings of the major British and American libraries of literature.  Corvey’s is doubly important: it is not only on a par with NSTC, holding over 70% of first-edition unique titles (if subsequent edition holdings are counted, this figure rises to above 78%), but actually contains copies of the works themselves, whereas NSTC can only indicate libraries which hold these novels.

In the light of the acquisition of the Edition Corvey (English Language) by Cardiff University in early 1997, there are many opportunities for research open to students who wish to pursue studies in Romantic literature.  The strength of this collection lies not only in the richness of the CME, but also in the vast number of catalogues and secondary sources held in the Arts & Social Studies Library, which include the National Union Catalog, NSTC, ESTC, British Museum catalogues, and a variety of bibliographical apparatus.  These basic sources are complemented by the wealth of knowledge and expertise supplied by the various members of the English studies staff who specialise in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature.  Potential students and researchers are welcome to inspect the material, and those who wish to enquire further about research opportunities in studies within the Cardiff Corvey Project, should contact Professor Peter Garside (Chair), Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research, ENCAP, PO Box 94, Cardiff CF10 3XB (tel.+44 (0)29 2087 5622; fax +44 (0)29 2087 4647; e-mail GarsideP@cf.ac.uk).

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