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  Cardiff Corvey’s parent site for the Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research (CEIR): CEIR encompasses a number of aspects of modern scholarly work.  Combining traditional research disciplines with comprehensive development in IT skills, the Centre offers a variety of avenues for those wishing to pursue further studies in textual criticism and bibliography.

  Cardiff’s own School of English, Communications and Philosophy lists a lot of factual information, including forthcoming departmental events, as well as details about both undergraduate and postgraduate courses available to those wishing to study at Cardiff.

  The Arts and Social Studies Library at Cardiff offer comprehensive details of opening times, facilities available, services provided by the Library, and also a searchable catalogue of holdings at Cardiff (Online Library Catalogue).  

  Of course, there is the general Cardiff University Homepage, which provides plenty of information on the opportunities and courses available to students, as well as any other information pertinent to those interested in what’s happening here at Cardiff.

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