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  BARS: British Association for Romantic Studies is a periodical devoted to the study of 18th- and 19th-century literature.

  Gothic Websites a number of sites providing useful material on Gothic fiction:
Gothic Literature, 1764-1820 (Franz Potter)
      International Gothic Association Webpage (Jason Haslam)
      Literary Gothic (Jack Voller)

  The Jane Austen Society page provides details of events and the origins of the UK branch of the Society.

  Literary Resources on the Net: Romanticism is a comprehensive portal allowing access to a variety of Romantic-studies sites.

  Romantic Circles is the collaborative product of an ever-expanding community of editors, contributors, and users around the world.  It contains a variety of useful tools, including electronic texts, scholarly resources, and listings of publications, among other items.

  Romanticism on the Net is an international peer-reviewed journal, issued on a quarterly basis, with a variety of articles based on Romantic studies.  Academics involved in the production of Romanticism on the Net include Duncan Wu, Gary Kelly, and Michael O’Neill.

  University of Pennsylvania Romantic Links: Michael Gamer’s site contains a comprehensive listing of related sites on general literature studies, Romantic literature, individual authors, and electronic texts.  Also included are personal pages of academics and details of various course syllabi.

  Women Romantic Writers, maintained by Adriana Craciun at Nottingham University, is a portal providing comprehensive links to sites devoted to the study of female authorship during the Romantic era.

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