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  Sheffield Hallam’s Corvey Project Homepage: Sheffield Hallam University, as well as Cambridge University, is another British academic institution in possession of the Corvey Microfiche Edition.  The specific focus of SHU is women’s writing, with examples based on works held in the CME.

  University of Nebraska Corvey Project: Stephen Behrendt’s new site discusses Nebraska’s plans for the Corvey Microfiche Edition acquired in spring 1999. One of the special initiatives planned invovles the study of British Romanticism in historical context, including the reception history of Romantic texts. The Nebraska Corvey Project envisions the creation of an electronic research archive that will be linked to other archives via the World Wide Web, making possible the increasingly seamless assembly of primary text materials, historical and contextual materials, and critical and bibliographical resources.

  Belser Wissenschaftlicher Dienst: The publishers of Edition Corvey, based in Germany and Ireland, have many details concerning their editions of a variety of significant contemporary materials in a variety of forms.  Included are details about their German, French and English collections as well as their other archived libraries, including Women’s writing.

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