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Cardiff University logo Position: Senior Lecturer
School/Unit: Centre for Language and Communication
Address: Humanities Building
Email: FontaineL@cf.ac.uk
Telephone: 029 2087 6324

Conference Presentations

2013. Exploring choice in digital language production. ESFLCW, Coventry, UK. 1-3 July, 2013.

2013. On Nouns and nominalisations. How Does Language Work? Aston University, 27-28 June, 2013.

2012. Definite referring expressions: on the overlap between determiners and modifiers. ESFLCW, Bertinoro, Italy. 9-11 July, 2012.

2011. On particles, prepositions and other such items. iLinc Conference, Queen’s University Belfast. October 14-15, 2011.

2011. An analysis of non-target productions during on-line conversations. KEY2011, Cardiff, Wales. 23 May 2011. 

2010. Light a tote bag: Insights into electronic language production through keystroke logging. 3rd UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference, ‘Language, Mind and Social Reality’, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England. 6-8 July 2010.

2010. On prepositions, particles and other such items. LinC Research Network, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales. June 8, 2010.

2008. For the Lulz, the grammaticalization of nonverbal behaviour in CMC. BAAL, Swansea University, Swansea, Wales. September, 2008.

2006. The Variability of Referring Expressions: an alternative perspective on the noun phrase in English, LACUS 2006, Toronto , Canada , August 2006.

2006. Complex Referring Expressions: an alternative perspective on postmodification in the English nominal group, 18th Euro-International Systemic Functional Workshop, Gorizia, Italy, July 2006.

2006. An Introduction to Professional Email discussion lists, Cardiff Postgraduate Research Seminar, Cardiff University , March 2006.

2005. Referring Expressions and the 'indefinitely complex noun phrase', CLCR Seminar Series, Cardiff University, November 2005.

2004. Nominal Group Structure in Personal Email Texts: an index of email literacy, 16th Euro-International Systemic Functional Workshop, Miraflores del la Sierra , Madrid, Spain, July 2004.

2004. Your money or your life: Safety and Corporate Crime in the workplace, Conference on Forensic Linguistics/Language and Law. Gregynog, Wales, July 2004.

2004. Data Session Workshop: Formulaic expressions and complex referring expressions, Formulaic Language Research Network (FLaRN) Postgraduate Conference, Cardiff, Wales, July 2004.

2004. “Complex Referring Expressions: chasing after the head” CLCR Post-graduate Research Conference, Gregynog, Wales , June 2004.

with Perry, E. 2004. Post-modification dans le groupe nominal: parcours de combattant pour l'apprenant en anglais L2?, SAES (Société des Anglicistes de l'Enseignement Supérieur), Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelynes, May 2004.

with Perry, E. 2003. A Contrastive Study of Post-modification in the Nominal Group: the case of native and non-native academic writing in English, 15th Euro-International Systemic Functional Workshop, University of Leeds , July 2003.

with Franova, M. 2003. Choice and Choosing: Descriptions and proposals for modelling choice in Systemic Functional Linguistics, 15th Euro-International Systemic Functional Workshop, University of Leeds, July 2003.

with Perry, E. 2003. Production écrite en milieu universitaire: étude comparative de la présence de post-modification dans le groupe nominal, SAES (Société des Anglicistes de l'Enseignement Supérieur), Grenoble , May 2003.

2003. The Construction of a Target Culture in a Multicultural Virtual Community, Journée d'études des Sociétés post-coloniales, Paris , France , November 2003.

2000. (invited talk) “Remarques sur les caractéristiques linguistiques dans les articles scientifiques anglais écrits par des francophones en Apprentissage Automatique” Invited talk at CAp, Conférence d'Apprentissage - CAp 2000, Colloque Francophone sur l'Apprentissage Automatique à l'Université Jean Monnet de Saint Etienne. Saint Etienne, June 2000.


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