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This page has been set up to make publically available the research produced at the Centre for Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University through the Computational Linguistics Unit. (see Robin Fawcett's homepage for more information.

"Invitation to Systemic Functional Linguistics: the Cardiff Grammar as an extension and simplification of Halliday’s Systemic Functional Grammar" (second edition, 2005), Robin Fawcett.

main text pdf
2nd appendix pdf
3rd appendix pdf
4th appendix pdf
references pdf

The Functional Syntax Handbook: analyzing English at the level of form, Robin Fawcett (forthcoming).

Table of Contents pdf

Chapter 1 "What this handbook does and does not cover" pdf

Chapter 2 "What a language is and how it works" pdf

Chapter 3 "How to analyze the elements of clauses: the basic grammar of TRANSITIVITY and MOOD" pdf

Chapter 4 "How to analyze clauses: the many functions of the Operator and the related TIME Auxiliaries" pdf

Chapter 5 - UNDER DEVELOPMENT - "How to analyze clauses: more on MOOD and TRANSITIVITY" pdf

Chapter 17 - UNDER DEVELOPMENT - "How to analyze incongruent expressions: ‘events’ as nominal groups and ‘objects’ as clauses, etc" pdf

Chapter 21 - UNDER DEVELOPMENT - "How to analyze text-sentences: Guidelines based on Part B" pdf

Chapter 22 - UNDER DEVELOPMENT - "Four principles that lead to 'special constructions'" pdf

Chapter 23 - UNDER DEVELOPMENT - "Special constructions" pdf

Parts of Chapters 6, 7. 14 and 15 can be made available upon request, please contact Robin Fawcett





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