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Forensic Linguistics III (SET003) Project in Forensic Linguistics

This module provides students in forensic linguistics with an opportunity to formulate a small-scale research project in an area of study separate from that covered by the dissertation. In this module, students take a reflective approach to research in forensic linguistics, producing a final report on the process of carrying out research within the field.

The module begins with a short series of workshops on focused research skills within the field. The second, and main part of the module, is devoted to a self-guided research project which is conducted largely by independent study with support from the module convenor.

At the end of the module, students will have developed clear and specific research skills which will enable them to conduct a larger scale studies and independent research in the field. It should be noted that this module does not constitute a ‘mini dissertation’, as it is based on developing an awareness of the issues and skills necessary for carrying out research in forensic linguistics, rather than producing a final and complete piece of research.