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Neil Bowen


person name Position: Postgraduate Researcher Email:
Area: Centre for Language and Communication Research

PhD Research

My thesis explores the dynamics of choice in digital text construction. Specifically, it focuses on the development of academic writing from a social semiotic viewpoint, drawing on Systemic Functional Linguistics (e.g. Halliday), semiotic sociology (e.g. Bernstein), and sociogenetic psychology (e.g. Vygotsky). Its primary aims are:

(i) To contribute to the dearth of longitudinal studies that provide an emic understanding of the development of academic writing practices, particular with regard to L2 writers (cf. Christie and Derewianka, 2008);

(ii) To illustrate how the logogenesis of texture can reveal the ontogenetic development and potential of the individual with regard to context and co-text; (iii) Demonstrate how a more holistic approach to the study of writing development can be beneficial to advancing theory, educational practice, and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Supervisor: Lise Fontaine, Gerard O'Grady

Academic Background

BA Hons Language Studies and TEFL (First Class) - Swansea University

MA Applied Linguistics (Distinction) - Cardiff University


I am currently a Postgraduate tutor on grammar and semantics at Swansea University