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Distinguished Lecture Series

The Distinguished Lecture Series brings eminent and influential guest speakers to Cardiff University and a wider audience to showcase their work.

The series has the specific objective of contributing to the establishment and consolidation of Cardiff's international reputation for academic impact.

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David Williams

Professor David R.Williams

Functional Imaging of Single Cells in the Living Eye

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David R. Williams is Dean for Research in Arts, Science and Engineering at the University of Rochester, New York, the Director of the university’s Center for Visual Science and William G. Allyn Professor of Medical Optics. He will give the next Cardiff University Distinguished Lecture.

The correction of the eye’s aberrations with adaptive optics (AO) has made it possible to image the normal and diseased retina of the living eye at microscopic resolution. Professor Williams will describe recent developments in the deployment of this technology, many of which combine AO and other imaging modalities with the goal of obtaining not only structural but also functional information at a cellular or subcellular spatial scale. He will illustrate the value of this approach with examples including fluorescence imaging of retinal pigment epithelial cells to detect early retinal changes in macular degeneration and the use of two photon imaging in the living eye, which allows us to optically probe molecular events in retinal cells that would otherwise be invisible. It may be that these high resolution imaging tools, combined with recent advances in our ability to record from and control neurons with light, may eventually not only complete our understanding of the complex functional circuitry of the retina that allows us to see, but also provide a way to restore vision in the blind.

The lecture is free to attend but places must be booked in advanced. To reserve a place, email or call 029 2087 6935.

Mini symposium

Date: 30th October 2013
Location: Lecture Theatre, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences
Time: 2.00pm – 5.15pm (inclusive of breaks)

Ahead of the lecture there will be a mini symposium featuring presentations by leading researchers in the field of vision science. The speakers are:

2:00pm Welcome by Dr Jonathan Erichsen (Cardiff University)
2:10pm Professor Frank Sengpiel (Cardiff University) “Vision @ Cardiff: From the eye to the brain
3:00pm Professor Matteo Carandini (UCL) “Looking at computations in visual cortex
4:10pm Professor Chris Dainty (National University of Ireland Galway) “Adaptive optics technology for vision research

Please indicate when you reserve a place for Professor Williams’ lecture if you will also be attending the mini symposium.