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Current projects include:

Evaluation of the Broad Based Training Programme (BBT)
Professor Alison Bullock and her team have been commissioned by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRCs) to evaluate recent changes in the training of medical doctors.


Knowledge Transfer in Wales: a scoping study
The primary aim of this scoping study is to learn more about how research findings are currently used to inform and advance healthcare practice in Wales so that we can better develop initiatives to improve knowledge transfer (KT).


Getting the most out of knowledge and innovation transfer (KIT) ‘agents’ in healthcare: a qualitative study
This collaborative project builds upon the current KT Wales scoping study. By examining cases (KIT agents) from a number of discrete initiatives designed to bring together NHS managers/practitioners and researchers (the new Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) in England and the South East Wales Academic Health Science Partnership (SEWAHSP) in Wales), the study aims to offer actionable insights into how these endeavours work in practice and how benefits can be maximised.


Antimicrobial prescribing in general dental practices in Wales
General dental practitioners (GDPs) account for 10% of all antibiotics prescribed in the UK. However, not all prescribing is necessary or appropriate.


iDoc – Foundation doctors use of mobile technology in the workplace
Funder: Wales Postgraduate Deanery.


Recent projects include:

The All-Wales Case-based discussion initiative in Optometry: An evaluation
The purpose of the re-accreditation case discussions is to improve the optometric management of WEHE/ PEARS cases with an emphasis on reporting and referrals to secondary care and GPs.


Development of the Maturity Matrix Dentistry: A practice-development tool for general dental teams
This project aims to adapt the Maturity Matrix for dentistry, creating the Maturity Matrix Dentistry (MMD), a clinical governance tool for general dental practices.


Dental Nurses views on CPD in Wales
This project aims to seek the views of Registered Dental Nurses (RDNs) in Wales regarding CPD and registration. To identify perceived barriers that may impact on participation and engagement.


Skill-mix in dentistry in Wales
This study aimed to examine the use of extended duties for DCPs within general dental practices in Wales. We explored patterns of DCP employment, their range of duties and reasons for, and barriers to, role extension


Foundation doctors use of mobile technology in the workplace - Phase 2 2009 - 2011
The Wales Deanery has provided trainee doctors with a Smartphone device enabling access to accurate medical information


Harmonization and Standardization of European Dental Schools' Programs of Continuing Professional Development for Graduate Dentists
This project aims to identify agreed essential CPD requirements of an EU graduate dentist and provide guidelines for the management and delivery of high quality CPD by European dental schools


An Evaluation of the Foundation Training Scheme for Dental Therapists
The dental therapists scheme is designed to support consolidation of skills and aid transition to work.


Evaluation of the Introduction to Practice (ItP) scheme for dental therapists
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the scheme with ‘current’ trainees and follow-up previous trainees (since 2009) to gather their retrospective views and their career history.


An Evaluation of the All Wales Deanery Pilot Project: Quality Teaching and Learning in Clinical Practice for F2 Doctors
The aim of this work is to conduct a formative evaluation of the programme


Dental Foundation Trainers Expectations of Dental Graduates
The overall purpose of this study is to investigate current dental foundation (DF1) trainers’ expectations of the dental graduate specifically in relation to clinical skills


An Evaluation of PLATO
The purpose of this evaluation is to identify and assess the costs and benefits associated with PLATO


A Formative Evaluation of the SDO Management Fellowships
The primary aim of this study is to understand the benefits and challenges of the Fellowships and so inform the future development of the scheme


Welsh Clinical Academic Training (WCAT) Fellowships: Progress review
The aim of this work was to provide a progress review of the WCAT Fellowships


Continuing Dental Education: Outcomes of a Disinfection and Decontamination Course
To evaluate the effectiveness and identify areas of strength and weakness of a disinfection and decontamination dental postgraduate course run by the Dental Postgraduate Section of the Wales Deanery between 2008 and 2010


Dental Professional’s Participation in CPD provided by the Wales Deanery
The Wales Deanery provides verifiable CPD courses for dentists and dental care professionals


Evaluation of the London Deanery Training Course: Supervision Skills for Clinical Teachers
The overarching aim of this evaluation was to examine how participants take on new perspectives and techniques during the course, their sense-making and reflections on the course and their development as supervisors.


An Evaluation of CPD e-Resources for Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) Doctors in Wales
The overall aim of the evaluation was to determine the uptake of the resource and its acceptability, to investigate self-reported learning gains and to explore whether the training materials change behaviour


A Review of Dental Vocational Training (VT) by Assessment in England and Wales
To join a performers list general dental practitioners are required to complete Vocational Training (VT)


Reorganisation of NHS Wales: Impact on Education and Training
The purpose of the study is to explore the implications of the restructuring for education and service delivery


An Evaluation of the Certificate of Higher Education in Dental Nursing
The purpose of the evaluation was to identifying strengths and areas for further development and to explore the impact of the programme on the work of dental nurses


SDO Management Fellowships
What are the benefits and challenges of the fellowship scheme and how might the scheme be developed?
Funder: NIHR.


Training for Clinical Supervisors
How does the training contribute to the development of supervision skills?
Funder: London Deanery.


CPD e-Resources for Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) Doctors in Wales
What is the usage of the materials and how do they contribute to learning and workplace practice?
Funder: Wales Postgraduate Deanery


Vocational Training by Assessment 
To what extent are processes and standards applied equally? How does VT by assessment compare with the first year of dental foundation training?


Reorganisation of NHS Wales: Impact on Education and Training
How has restructuring affected education and training?
Core funded


Recruitment to Specialty Training in Wales
Can characteristics of the ‘successful’ applicant be identified?
Funder: Wales Postgraduate Deanery


Certificate of Higher Education in Dental Nursing
How does the new programme contribute to the development of dental nurses?
Core funded


Dental Therapists Vocational Training Scheme
How does this new training scheme contribute to the development of dental therapists?
Funder: NESC (Oxford) Postgraduate Dental Deanery