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SUMMER FETE - Saturday 9th June 2012

The bugs

The day was very successful and everyone seemed to have a great time.  The weather turned out sunny and dry - the only good day in a week full of rain and the following week was not too good either.  We were very lucky.  There was a fantastic turnout so many thanks to all who came.  The total amount raised was approximately £1200.  A very successful day.

We are spending a lot of the money on two fences, one each for outside Adventurers and Discoverers to give them a small area to permanently allow the children to choose outdoors or indoors.  Both rooms will obviously still have time in the large garden area but this just gives them a lot more freedom.  It is due to be delivered during the middle of August and you will then be able to see the benefit of this.

Thank you very much to all who sponsored Jacqui and she raised a total of £590 for her bush tucker trial - not sure she will do it again!! I am sure between staff and parents we can come up with something just as good next year.  Get your thinking caps on.