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Workshops and Events

How to book a place on a workshop

  • To book onto a workshop, please email us.

Six-week Mindfulness course

September 2014

We don't have a date for this course, but please contact us if you're interested in a place on our next course.

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About our workshops

We run counsellor facilitated workshops throughout the year, on a range of common difficulties. While some are more participatory, most workshops require very little "audience participation", focusing on giving you useful information, ideas and strategies on how to better cope with a particular difficulty. Our workshops include sessions on topics such as Perfectionism; Insomnia; Grief; Mindfulness; Self-Esteem; Uncertainty; Stress; Anger. We can also write bespoke workshops for departments on request.

Sleepless in Cardiff

Black and white photo of a girl lying down with her eyes open

How to get a better night's sleep. 


Blue butterfly with wings open

Learn to reduce self imposed pressure and enjoy achieving.

Making Sense of Grief

A red poppy, in a green field.

Understand the grieving process.


Calm blue sea and sandy beach

Learn to use focus and meditation to relax.

The Feel Good Factor

Several arms reaching up to the same point in the sky.

Learn how to enhance your coping strategies and interpersonal skills.

The Road to Good Self-Esteem

Idyllic sunny country scene

The road to good Self-Esteem. Learn to appreciate yourself and your personal worth.


Calm blue sea and sandy beach

Learn physical and psychological relaxation techniques.

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Learn to reduce and manage stress.

Living with Uncertainty

Under Pressure

Struggling to cope with uncertain times? Learn how to think your way through.

Don't Let the Worry Blues Get You Down

Cartoon drawing of a blue, one-eyed monster, looking flustered

Learn to reduce and manage your worries.

Don't Look Back in Anger

A lion's head, roaring.

Learn to manage your anger more effectively.