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For Personal Tutors

Information for when you're dealing with a crisis

The Student Support Centre has written an online guide for when you're responding to a person in crisis. We've also produced a helpful document for After a Crisis.

How can tutors contact the Counselling and Wellbeing Service?

Please phone us on 02920 8 74966 or email Any information you give us will be treated as confidential.

Supporting Tutors

We hope this page will be useful to personal tutors in their role of supporting students. If you are a personal tutor reading this, please let us know what you might find useful here, or if there is any information or resources that you would like to pass on to other personal tutors. If you are a student reading this, please let us know of any resource, appropriate to include on this page, that you think personal tutors ought to be aware of.

Before a student sees a counsellor for the first time they will be asked to fill out our online Self-Referral Questionnaire. Completing the Questionnaire will help the student explore their current concerns in preparation for a 90 minute meeting (Therapeutic Consultation) with a counsellor.

If you do not know whether contact with the Counselling and Wellbeing Service is the right way of addressing a student's problem, please contact us anyway. We will gladly explore options and make suggestions to help personal tutors with any pastoral care matter, until the student has made contact with us. However, once we have met a student, please be aware that everything that the student says in counselling is strictly confidential.

Extenuating Circumstance Letters

Please note The Counselling and Wellbeing Service do not routinely write extenuating circumstance letters for students, unless they are currently receiving counselling from our service. Students should discuss their requirements with their counsellor.  

'Students may, in the first instance, raise possible extenuating circumstances with personal tutors.  Tutors should make it clear that it is the student’s responsibility to complete the University form and supply supporting evidence.  Tutors should also ensure that students have a realistic understanding of the range of actions and remedies that are available to deal with their circumstances.  While tutors may refer students to the Student Support Centre and/or Counselling and Wellbeing Service where appropriate, staff at these services will not be able to provide supporting evidence of Extenuating Circumstances if students have had no prior engagement with these services.  Tutors should not seek to refer students to these services solely to collect further supporting evidence of Extenuating Circumstances'.