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For Parents

Common problems

While at university, students may be affected by many factors. Some students settle very quickly while others can take longer, and many students may experience some type of difficulty with their course/study, making friends or fitting in and being accepted. They may also feel homesick, worry about the past, the present, the future, or even all three. Many of these problems are a normal part of university life, particularly when first starting. Of course, problems can occur at any stage of university life; during first year and beyond.

How you can help

Being available to listen can be helpful, as can supporting your son/daughter to talk to someone in the University about their problems. 

Can you contact the Counselling and Wellbeing Service on behalf of your son/daughter?

Unfortunately, we are not normally able to give you information about your son or daughter, because of our confidentiality agreement. We are also unable to contact your son or daughter based on your concerns. The student must contact us. Other services are also guided by confidentiality and so the best course of action is always for the student to contact the appropriate service themselves. 

How can my son/daughter make a counselling appointment?

They will need to log on to the student intranet  and complete an online self referral form. The intranet provides them with information about the service and the support we can offer, including a Wellbeing Walk-In service.

Are there other support services for my son/daughter?

The Student Support Centre provides students with a wide range of support services (they will need to log onto the intranet). The Students' Union can also help.