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A butterfly in various stages of its life cycle.

How can we help?

Transitions and their disruption challenge us to grow and sometimes even force us to concentrate on today and the present moment. It's not the events outside us that make the transition; it's the meaning-making we make towards integrating such a process in our lives. Counselling can be helpful in handling transitions in a positive way.

Life involves changes: some are welcomed; others are inconvenient. Change and transition often go together, change being situational whereas transition being more psychological. Transitions are often perceived as times of crossing from something old and familiar to something new and unfamiliar. This may be something voluntary, like moving to a different home or choosing a particular degree and lifestyle, or involuntary, like an accident or an illness. The student life cycle involves several transitions; some examples are: leaving family and home to come to University, often in a new city, adjusting to a new environment, managing household and academic responsibilities as an adult, building a more independent sense of self at practical, emotional and relational level,  beginning and ending relationships, being faced with decisions about the future, career options and so on and finally leaving University in order to explore possibilities in the world.


Listen as Alice from the Counselling and Wellbeing Service team talks to a student who is feeling homesick, along with giving you some tips for settling into university life.

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