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Self and Identity

Who are you?

How can we help?

Counselling could help you to learn to be your own best friend, to trust and like yourself, focus on your needs and start to feel good about yourself. 

Our sense of who we are is shaped by our background, history, heritage, culture, race, sexuality, spirituality, religion, life experience and the stage of life we occupy.  Self and Identity is about who you believe yourself to be and it is uniquely personal, it can be about seeing yourself for who you really are and becoming comfortable with that reality.

One of the things we all do at times is compare ourselves to other people, highlighting our insecurities and frailties in relation to other ‘better’ people.  The rest of the world is seen as having a higher entitlement of life than ourselves.  It’s for others to realise their dreams and be who they want to be and not us.  Thinking this way can lead us to feeling very negative about ourselves.

How you feel about yourself and your worth as a human being has a strong influence on your well-being.  When you feel positive about yourself and your identity these feelings enable you to deal with those difficult, challenging and unfair things that happen in life.  For example, during a period of uncertainty like starting university, changes in your home life, you may suddenly feel insecure and find your self-esteem diminished.

Accepting your strengths and weaknesses, becoming comfortable with your own uniqueness and set yourself realistic goals for the future are ways in which we can learn to relate to ourselves in a more kindly fashion.

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