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Bioresponsive Polymer Therapeutics: Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Nanomedicines

EPSRC Platform Grant 2006 – 2010

Delegates enjoying the sceintific and social aspects of at the Third Annual Review Meeting

News and Events

    Though it tried, the weather could not keep everyone away from the Third Annual Review meeting (Feb 2nd/3rd). In a day and a half, over twenty presentations were delivered on all aspects of the research being undertaken in the Platform consortium. The discussions continued into the wekshop sessions where new opportunities were elaborated.
    Following the successful completion of her PhD in the Welsh School of Pharmacy, Elaine Ferguson joined the Platform before moving to a short term lectureship position at the School of Dentistry.
    Patricia Pereira used her Platform project to build a collaboration with the University of Lisbon, and now holds a long term Fellowship position at Lisbon. She continues to work closely with the Wound Repair group in Cardiff under the auspices of the Platform consortium.
    Bristol calls up Dr. Stuart Prescott ! After just a few months on the Platform, Stuart has been appointed to a fixed term lectureship at Bristol University, to work alongside Prof.Terence Cosgrove. Stuart will continue his work with the Platform consortium as an Associate member.
    Dr. Chris Morris leaves the Platform - but not the Welsh School of Pharmacy - to take up a post with Dr. Mark Gumbleton.
    Dr. Jenny Lam - a Maplethorp Fellow at King's College London - joins us as an Associate member.
    After just a few months on the Platform, Dr. Laila Kudsiova has been appointed to a Fellowship position at King's College London. She will continue to collaborate with the Platofrm.
    Following her significant contribution to creating the spirit and structure of the Platform, Dr. Alison Powell is leaving the Platform to take up a position at Cardiff University to promote interdisciplinary research.
    Simon Richardson also secures a (senior) lectureship ! He will move during the Summer of 2007 to a Senior lectureship in the Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Greenwich. Simon will continue to bring his enthusiasm and expertise to the Platform as an Associate Member.
    The first ever Advanced Training event in Nanomedicine supported by ESF took place in Cardiff. Organised by members of the Platform the meeting was a fantastic success !
    Mr Christopher Morris was recently awarded one of two prizes of £5000 for “Outstanding Scientific Presentation” at the Roche Symposium for Leading Scientists of the Next Decade (March 14-16, in Basel). Only 20 early stage researchers across Europe were selected to attend. Commiserations to Fran Greco who was also invited to attend.
    Four more Associate Members are welcomed to the Platform Consortium; Drs. Mark Gumbleton and Arwyn Jones (Welsh School of Pharmacy), Dr. Clare Hughes (School of Biosciences) and Prof. David Thomas (School of Dentistry).
    Dr. Nathalie Lavignac and Dr. Fran Greco - both instrumental in creating the building blocks for the Platform - have secured lectureships in the new school of Pharmacy at the University of Greenwich and Reading University respectively. Both are establishing their first programmes of research, research that benefits from the opportunity and expertise available within the Platform consortium.
    Dr. Maria Vicent - previously a Marie Curie Fellow in CPT - has moved from a senior scientist position at the Centro de Investigacion Principe Felipe (CIPF) to Lab Chief thereby creating the first laboratory for Polymer Therapeutics in Spain. Maria continues to collaboborate with the Platform as an Associate Member.
    Dr. Alison Paul has secured a lectureship at the School of Chemistry, Cardiff University. Alison will be continuing the reseach initiated within the Platform on age related macular degeneration (AMD); we wish her well in her new challenge.
    To maintain the link with the School of Optometry, Dr. Malgorzata Rozanowska has joined the Platform as an Associate Member.
    Prof. Mike Boulton has left Cardiff to take up a new position at the University of Texas. Mike retains strong links with both Cardiff University and the Platform.