Welcome to the World of Nanomedicines
Bioresponsive Polymer Therapeutics: Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Nanomedicines

EPSRC Platform Grant 2006 – 2010


The Platform Grant pulls together under a "virtual roof", core members of staff in several varied but complementary research teams in the four partner institutions, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and King's College, London. The Centre for Polymer Therapeutics / School of Chemistry at Cardiff act as the "hub" given their overarching capabilities, pulling in additional expertise from other Cardiff based groups e.g. CITER, in addition to groups external to Cardiff. Associate members are invited to contribute to- and benefit from- the activities of the Platform .


The activities sponsored by the Platform may be divided into three key categories - development of Polymer Therapeutics for Clinical Application, Physico-Chemical Characterisation of the Nanomedicines and Synthetic Polymer Chemistry.

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