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Research at Cardiff School of Chemistry is leading in many fields. It is vibrant and dynamic, and provides excellent opportunities for research in a wide range of topics in modern Chemistry. Following over £14 million investment in Chemistry by Cardiff University in recent years, together with extensive support from research councils and industry, the research facilities and infrastructure within the School of Chemistry provide an environment in which internationally leading research is carried out. Our commitment is towards tackling important scientific challenges of the 21st Century, and our current research priorities and facilities put us in a strong position to achieve this objective.

There are many active areas of research collaboration between the research groups, as well as active collaborations between members of the School of Chemistry and other Schools in Cardiff (particularly Pharmacy, Biosciences, Physics, Medicine and Engineering). There are also many collaborative research initiatives involving other universities in the UK and abroad, and with a wide range of national and international industrial companies.

There are over 150 postgraduate and postdoctoral research workers in the School, supported by external funds. Research Councils, other government bodies and private industry provide funding for instrumentation and running costs, and for the financial support of postgraduate students and postdoctoral workers. Many postgraduate studentships are available each year for suitable candidates with a good degree in Chemistry or a related subject for supervised research leading to the degree of PhD (three or four years) or MPhil (one or two years) 

Each research-active member of staff has a primary association with one of three Research Sections (section leaders in bold):

Biological and Organic Chemistry (Prof. T. Wirth)

Inorganic Chemistry (Dr. S. Pope)

Physical Chemistry (Prof. K.D.M. Harris)

A further cross-cutting structure, fully embedded within the School of Chemistry, is the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI), led by Prof. G.J. Hutchings FRS and established in 2008 as a focus for research across catalytic sciences (heterogeneous, homogeneous and biological catalysis). Members of the CCI are drawn from all three Research Sections.

Cardiff Catalysis Institute - CCI  (Prof. G.J. Hutchings)

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