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BBC Radio Wales Science Café visits the Cardiff Catalysis Institute

16 May 2013

CCI Science Cafe

The popular BBC Radio Wales programme the Science Café (broadcast on 28 May 2013) visited the Cardiff Catalysis Institute to learn more about catalysts and the work of the Institute. The programme featured Graham Hutchings, who explained the important role played by catalysts and their impact on everyone’s lives. The programme focussed on the contribution of catalysts for environmental applications, and also featured Stan Golunski and Stuart Taylor talking about the use of catalysts to control vehicle emissions and how the next generation of catalysts are being developed. Jennifer Edwards and Simon Freakley presented some of their latest work focussing on a new catalytic production route for hydrogen peroxide and its use for treatment of waste water. Graham Hutchings outlined how the Cardiff Catalysis Institute is now playing a vital role in the newly established Catalysis Hub based at Harwell.


The programme is available at: