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Key skills for chemists (CH2211)


To provide further experience with computer programs available to search for data, manipulate data and present data.

To make the student aware of the qualities and skills which will be sought by employers and allow the student to use the full potential of skills they already have, while acquiring new ones.

General description

This module will deliver the transferable skills base required by chemists. Topics will include literature and internet searching for chemical data, the organisation of data into a coherent form for presentation. Workshops and lectures will be used to extend the mathematics workshops from first year with more advanced problems based in chemical analysis. Risk assessments and COSHH procedures will be explained and practiced.

Syllabus content

Web of Science and data-base searches.

Chemistry resources on the Internet.

Use of Minitab.

Use of a reference manager program such as Endnote.

Powerpoint - to be used in a short talk and a group poster.

Risk assessment, including COSHH.

Career reflection, CV writing .*

Time management.*

Interview skills.*

(* to be taught with assistance from Careers Service)