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Undergraduate Degree Programmes

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The School of Chemistry provides a range of undergraduate degree programmes, which are covered in this section. The degree programmes are designed to enable you to achieve your maximum potential by providing the required teaching, laboratory and other facilities, and pastoral care.

All programmes are modularised, with six modules taken in each of the two semesters, each academic year. Some modules contain an element of coursework assessment (practical work, workshops).

There is coherence of the material taught between different degree schemes, both between the various years and within each year.

Masters Level Programmes 

The Masters Level (MChem) programmes focus in more depth on selected areas developing the understanding and knowledge to a higher level than is possible with the BSc. There is greater emphasis on analysis, synthesis and problem solving, and significant opportunities to develop transferable and professional skills needed for self-sufficient working as a professional chemist.

Chemistry (MChem)

UCAS Code: F103

This course involves 4 years of study entirely in Cardiff. The special feature of this programme is the major research project in the final year, carried out in one of the many areas in which Cardiff has an active research interest.

Chemistry with a Year Abroad (MChem)

UCAS Code: F102

This MChem scheme is common with the first two years of the MChem in Chemistry, but the third year is spent in a research laboratory in an overseas university. The School has links with leading Universities in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, USA and Canada.

MChem Chemistry with a Year in Industry (MChem)

UCAS Code: F104

This MChem scheme is common with the first two years of the MChem in Chemistry, but the third year is spent in an industrial laboratory. In recent years, students from the School have worked at industrial locations in the UK and continental Europe on projects ranging from drug discovery and food chemistry to petrochemicals and steel.

Bachelor Level Programmes 

The BSc programmes provide a broad coverage of chemistry suitable for those who want to progress to a career in chemistry or related disciplines. It is also well-suited to those who wish to use the framework of knowledge and skills obtained in a wider context, such as in business or in administration.

Chemistry (BSc)

UCAS Code: F100

The BSc Chemistry programme is a 3-year course, covering the essentials of the subject to allow further study, research or employment.

Chemistry with Industrial Experience (BSc)

UCAS Code: F101

The BSc in Chemistry with Industrial Experience covers the same academic material as the BSc Chemistry, but includes an extra year in industry to give experience of work in the field.

Chemistry with a Preliminary Year (BSc)

UCAS Code: F105

The course structure is very flexible with all Cardiff's Chemistry degree programmes sharing a common first and second year. 


Equality & Diversity

Cardiff University is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all of its practices and activities, including those relating to student recruitment, selection and admission. The University aims to establish an inclusive culture which welcomes and ensures equality of opportunity for applicants of all ages, ethnicities, disabilities, family structures, genders, nationalities, sexual orientations, races, religious or other beliefs, and socio-economic backgrounds. This commitment forms part of the Equality and Diversity Policy.