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Prof Damien Murphy  -  PhD CChem FRSC

Dr Damien Murphy
Position:Professor of Physical Chemistry

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 75850
Fax:+44 (0)29 208 74030


Research Group: Physical Chemistry

See also: EPR/ENDOR Spectroscopy Research Group

Research Interests

The research interests of the group focus on a number of topics including: 

  • Structure and reactivity of paramagnetic centres (reactive oxygen species, defects) on polycrystalline oxides. Nature and reactivity of surface trapped electrons on oxides.
  • Understanding the fundamental steps involved in the stabilisation and reactivity of charge carrier states as a function of surface morphology (anisotropic photochemical reactivity).
  • Structure - function relationships and mechanistic pathways in homogeneous enantioselective catalysis, as probed by multi-frequency ENDOR.
  • Role of paramagnetic redox centres in selective oligomerisation catalysis.
  • Orientation selective ENDOR spectroscopy for structure determination in frozen solution

The group utilises both continuous wave (CW) and Pulsed EPR/ENDOR techniques at both X- and Q-band frequencies.

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CH3101 Foundations of Physical Chemistry

CH3204 Symmetry, Spectroscopy and Quantum Mechanics

CH2301 Training in Research methods

CH3307 Advanced Spectroscopy and Diffraction

CH3410 Advanced Magnetic Resonance